06 December 2015

Weekend Routine | Tidings of Great Joy

December has been wonderful thus far! I've been busy with my family, work, and also just having some time for myself. In the past December would be a time of total stress and chaos for me but now thankfully I am able to prioritize and spend my time better. I have a month full of parties, family nights, last minute shopping, movie nights, and celebrating my Saviour. What could be better?!

On Friday my mom, sister in law, and I had a full day of shopping. We went to ikea and the International mall in Tampa. We go every Christmas season and it truly was such a nice relaxing day. It was so nice to not be in any rush and just wonder around with no time limit. We also made a stop to The Oxford Exchange which is a local coffee house/restaurant/book store/gift shop/all things amazing place. lol. It smelled of mahogany and new books. I could have stayed there all day. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures as I was just too caught up in the moment but I'm sure I will go back soon! ;)

{I finally got my hands on this card! I actually squealed when I saw it! ;) }
 {My Christmas fort.}
 {This is my advent calendar of choice this year. So far it has not let me down ;). }

Weekend To-Do List:

  • Film and edit.
  • Shop stuff.
  • Reply to my pen-pals.
  • Sibling night.
  • Downton Abbey (re-watching before it comes on again!).
  • Have a good ol' Lush bath.

Thankful For:
  • Santa's White Christmas coffee.
  • Netflix nights with my mom and dog.
  • Pretty incoming mail.
  • Smiles from strangers.
  • Reconnecting with old friends.
Weekend Tunes:
  • The Antlers.
  • The Head and The Heart (thanks to Jordan ;).
  • The Killers.
  • Arcade Fire (some real throw backs here).
  • Mumford and Sons.
  • Christmas music!!
What to Watch:
  • Master of None (netflix). I am officially in love. I've been watching one episode a night so I don't go through it too quickly. lol.
  • Home Alone 1 & 2. Classic must watch Christmas movies for me!
  • Vlogmas!! Everyone is doing it this year! I will never catch up! ;) 
My favorites are-
I hope everyone is having a wonderful December! Let me know of your favorite Christmas movie in the comments. I want to find some new ones this year ;).

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