08 December 2015

Incoming & Outgoing Nov-Dec 2015

I just want to share some recent incoming and outgoing mail with you all today!

It's always really special around this time of year. I've been busy making all my letters super festive and fun! I hope you may get some inspiration from this post for your pen-pals, or even inspire you to start pen-paling! You will not regret it! It's the most stress free and fulfilling hobby. :)


 {The most lovely letter from Jordan. So happy the blogging world has brought us together! :) }
 {An Autumn themed letter from another blogging friend. }
 {A very Disney inspired letter from a friend I met through etsy. :) }
 {Some Halloween happy mail from another friend I met through etsy.}
 {Another gorgeous letter from Jordan<3. }
 {I squealed when I saw she included a playlist! She has the best taste in music ;). }
 {A gorgeous post card from my dearest friend Nastassja<3. }

 {The Christmas mail begins!}
 {Using a lot of stickers from my shop.}
 {I've been obsessed with mixing silver and gold lately!}
{All wrapped up and ready to send out!}

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post! I really enjoyed making it so let me know if you would like more in the future! :)

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