19 November 2015

A (Very Minimal) What's in My Bag

I haven't done a what's in my bag in ages so thought I would finally do a little update. 

These days I'm carrying a much smaller bag with only a few select essentials. Gone are the days where I carry around 5 lip products, a mountain of receipts, and 3 pairs of sunglasses at all times. 

I've learnt that I really don't rely on any of the crap I was carrying around anyway so it was time to downsize. 

The bag itself is from Old Navy and I got it on clearance for $7! It's the perfect size for me, and the burgundy color is perfect for this time of year.  Inside I usually keep my phone, a hand sanitizer from B&BW, a coin purse that I got on Cape Cod to carry my debit card, a hair clip to pull my hair up when it's annoying me, and my favorite tinted lip balm from Fresh which you can read more about here. This is the perfect amount of essentials for me and it has saved my back a ton of pain (damn you curvy spine!). 

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into what I carry around with me on the daily. Let me know of some of your favorite essentials that you carry around with you! :)
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