15 November 2015

Outgoing Snail Mail | November 2015

No weekend routine this weekend due to too much being on my mind. So much has happened and I can't quite put it all into words. All I know is my Lord and Saviour is in charge and He will always deliver, and that is all I need to keep on moving forward! :)

Today I am sharing 3 outgoing letters I made recently to send to some of my dearest pen-pals. I took a morning all to myself last week to create these and it felt so amazing to drop everything and just create for a little bit. :)

 {This one was an autumn theme.}
 {I love these gold foil leave stickers from the Target one spot!}
 {Mail Tag!}
 {This one was more airmail inspired with touches of gold.}
 {This one was my favorite. It's very botanical inspired which has been my obsession lately. Flowers are my favorite thing to look at, draw, work with, smell, etc.}
 {I love the accents of both gold and silver :) }
 {All wrapped up!}

Hope everyone has a lovely week! Keep creating!

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