16 August 2015

Weekend Routine | Un-plugging

This weekend has turned out to be quite refreshing. I managed to get a lot of work done yesterday so I'm taking today off. Last night I walked 10 feet over to my brothers room to hang out with him and my friend. I left my phone in my room for like 6 hours and it felt soo good to unplug. I hate to admit it but I don't do that often. I am hooked on my phone. Always replying to clients/customers, reading shop reviews, restocking, etc. and I need to remind myself that I'm only human and there's a fine line that I do not need to cross. Today is for creating! I have a lot of sketches to complete, videos to film, and letters to write. With coffee and spotify as my partners today I am confident it will be good. Cheers.

 {The cleanest you will ever see my desk.}
 {Some work in progress. They're all finished now. I will show the final product soon! I'm hoping to sell some of them as prints in my shop! :) }
{Snail mail. You can watch the process here!}

-Once Upon A Time.
-Signs of Autumn approaching (yes, I'm jumping the gun).
-Damien Rice.
-Rainy days.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! <3

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Tonya Blair said...

I always love the colors of your room and all of your stuff. I am the opposite of you and most people I am never plugged in. I am always leaving my phone in other rooms, deep in my purse, even in my car. I just am weird I guess I once I get in my house it's like I'm on another planet and the outside world just doesn't exist any more but it feels good to just be around family and relax without electrics.
Hope you get all you work done and had fun with your friend and brother!

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