11 July 2015

Weekend Routine | So Many Things!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Whilst writing this I am multitasking etsy work, blogging, and wait for it...YouTube stuff. That's right you heard me, YouTube. After quitting my YouTube channel back in february to pursue my etsy shop I have decided to come back to it! But not as a beauty/fashion vlogger on TutusandPearls, but as a planner addict, stationery junkie, and etsty business/brand.  I thought it would be a cool way to connect with my customers and friends on a more creative and personal level. I might even include some vlogs and behind the scenes of a typical work day for me. My channel is "OhSoFawn" and you can subscribe here. I am so excited for this new project! Let me know if you have any video requests/ideas!
 {I eventually will get around to doing a home ware haul soon!}
 {Really love the way my gallery wall is coming together}
 {Work environment. So blessed to be able to stay home with my family and puppy!}
 {Eat good food and have a good life!}
{Thumbnail from my latest video. Watch here}

Weekend To-Do List:
-Not worry about little things
-Eat sweet potato (always)
-Plan videos
-Finish orders
-Snuggle with my dog
-Hang with the siblings

Weekend Reading List:

How will you be spending this beautiful weekend? Any exciting plans for the rest of the summer?!
I'm counting the days until the heat fades away! #redheadproblems hehe ;)


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