06 July 2015

Oops (Life Update)

Somehow I haven't blogged in like two weeks? I have no idea how that happened. I've been so busy to the point where I don't even remember how it is to not be busy o_o. It's a huge blessing though and I am not complaining! Also I apologize for any rusty writing, it's been a while and we all know I'm not the best at it anyway. Here's what I've been up to...

 {I have been working a ton!! My favorite part of it is definitely designing. These notebooks are perfect for storing my ideas!} 
 {I've placed too many F21 orders in the past month. I get store credit whenever I return something so it's like a new order every week. These heels are to die for though! I am obsessed!}

 {Work space. It is impossible to keep tidy! Please share your tips!}
 {If you follow me on instagram then you already know, but we got a Yellow Lab two weeks ago! She is the most precious girl ever and I am so in love! We named her Bailey. She is almost 2 years old and we rescued her from a divorced family who could no longer care for her. She is already my best friend! After losing my dog (the best dog ever!) Jackie two months ago I never thought I could ever have a dog as sweet and perfect as her, but Bailey sure is trying ;) }
 {Just look at those ears!! :D }
 {I picked up these shades from F21. They're really nice and seem to be of pretty good quality.}
 {Recent things I've been loving!}
 {I just had my busiest weekend ever in my shop! It was pretty crazy, but lots of fun ;)}
 {Current bedside table situation. A bit too crowded for my liking. }
 {Summer snail mail}
 {A picture of a few of my siblings and I on the 4th!}
 {You're never too old for sparklers!}
 {Our neighborhood did the most craziest fireworks ever! I don't even want to know how much money they spent on them! definitely over $3,000 :o }
 {Things from my shop}

{This weeks planner pages}

So what's new with you guys?! How has your summer been so far? Please let me know! I need a good chat! ;)
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