20 June 2015

Weekend Routine | New Things and Thoughts

There is currently a lot of new going on my life right now. New stuff, new job, new routine, and maybe even a new dog?!?! (will keep you posted...we may get her tomorrow!) With all this new stuff I have to ask myself "Am I any better because of this new stuff?" and the answer is no. There is a quote from Anne of Green Gables that goes something like "Having something to look forward is half the fun" (not the right wording but you get the idea.) The quote really stuck with me. We make all these plans and goals and once they're over we move right on to the next plans/goals not really appreciating what we just have received/achieved. Like for instance when you order something from online and you anticipate it arriving (me this week with my Anthropologie order) and once it has arrived most of the fun is over and you crave that feeling of anticipation once again so you repeat the whole process. And you play this routine over and over for those few moments of having something to look forward to. We must not dwell on our happiness coming from these feelings/thoughts. I have been trying to practice being content in all stages of my life. I have a billion and one things to be grateful for and far too often do I get caught up in what the future holds. I think this is enough of a ramble but the point I'm trying to get across is dwell on the little things in life. Coffee in the morning, letters in the post, the sun shining through your blinds trying to wake you up hours before you intend to. These are life's little tiny treasures. These are what keep me going. Don't worry about what you'll be doing in a year. Focus on today. This beautiful gift we have to do good in everything we do. Be your best self now. 

 {My morning ritual}
 {Changed my duvet. It feels so fresh!}
 {New Shop releases!}
 {Little room snippets. I will have a whole new room decor post up soon!}

Weekend To-Do List:
-Get caught up on work
-Make fresh salsa
-Father's Day shing dig with the fam bam
-Potentially bring home a sweet yellow lab!!<3

Weekend Reading:

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What are your plans for this lovely weekend? An adventure or a lazy day? Or are you like me and prefer productive weekends so you're not a hot mess on Monday? hehe ;) 
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