18 June 2015

Planner Swap Goodies

A couple weeks ago my friend Elien (@belplanner on instagram) and I decided to do a planner swap where we buy each other little stationery bits of sticky notes, washi tapes, pens, etc. for our planners! We set a $25 budget and sent our packages at roughly the same time. Elien is from Belgium (I know I'm jealous too!) so she was able to gift me a different variety of planner goodies that I don't have available in the States and vice versa for her. Our packages got to each other the same day and it was like Christmas!! I've never done a swap of any kind before so I didn't know what to expect but Elien knew exactly what I liked and just nailed it! I hope she enjoyed my package as much as I enjoyed hers!<3

 {These Hema pens are amazing!}
 {Disney washi tape?! Be still my heart<3}
 {The really lovely note she left me<3}
 {These amazing washi tapes! I've already gotten so much use out of them! :) }

I am so in love with everything and cannot wait to do another swap with my dear friend Elien<3
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