23 May 2015

Weekend Routine | Family Fun

I'm just going to ignore the fact that I haven't blogged in two weeks! I haven't done that in probably over a year! I had a very busy weekend last weekend and throughout the week it really didn't slow down. My week was full of crossfit, working on my etsy shop, and lots of family events :). I am happy to see a 3 day weekend in honor of Memorial Day. I will be milking it for all it's worth ;).

(You'll have to excuse me if I've shown these pictures before :o most of the photos on my phone are for my shop nowadays!)

 {Whenever I get the chance to write to one of my penpals it fills me with so much joy!}
 {This lucky friend of mine will be receiving some GofT stickers ;) }
 {What my desk looks like 90% of the time now}
 {Outgoing orders. I've made friends with everyone at the post office! :) }
 {Couldn't be more true ;) }
{I launched some new products in my shop this week! }

Weekend To-Do List:
-Get as many orders done as possible
-Family party
-Movie Night
-Plan session

Weekend Reading: 

Also please remember Memorial Day is not just another reason for Americans to have a bbq and drink. Take time to think of all the people that have sacrificed their lives for our wonderful country and pray for strength for all their families. We really don't know how blessed we are. (that turned a little deep, sorry ;) I don't mean to ruin the party. Enjoy yourselves!) 

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