27 May 2015

For The Love Of Snail Mail

Whenever I have some extra free time I enjoy writing and creating beautiful things for my lovely pen pals! I have had a love for snail mailing since the age 7! My best friend and I used to always send each other letters, stationery, perfume samples, stickers, etc. It always made my day and I would write back to her right away! Flash forward a few years and we stopped. I guess texting, facebook, and instagram were enough for us to keep in close touch. I started pen paling again a little over a year ago and I haven't stopped since! I have had pen pals from the UK, Philippines, California, South Carolina, The Netherlands, etc. I have lost touch in the past few months with a few friends due to postal costs and letters being lost but there are still a couple that will forever be apart of my close knit friends due to how close we have become through letter writing! 

I consider my pen pals very close friends of mine (one is easily one of my best friends ever!) and although we have never been able to go shopping, go to movies together or cry on each others shoulders the bond I have with them is unlike any other. We share our secrets, passions, worries, and and dreams. We are open books towards each other. I will be honest and say I haven't had the best luck with friends but my pen pals have helped me so much with my confidence and social anxiety. They don't judge me or say what's wrong or right with my decisions. They are always there for me even being half way across the world. Whenever I'm sad (or happy) I write to them. I write about my passions, I share advice, I make pretty things and gift them little treasures. It is the best therapy and escape when my mind is all over the place. I thank the Lord for placing these very special friends in my life for I know He intended me to meet each one! They're such a blessing and I am forever thankful for each of their special friend ships!

If you have any questions about snail mailing, finding a pen pal, etc. please comment down below and I would love to share any advice/help I have!

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