24 February 2015

Thrifting and Antique Shopping Tips

Following up from my post "Favorite Vintage Decor Pieces" I asked at the end if you would like to see a thrifting tips type of post and a few of you said yes. I have been thrifting practically since I was born and learned from the best (my mom)! I hope these tips help you out in some way!

*Some of these photos are older hence the older watermark. I could change them, but I'm too lazy ;).

1. Go in with an open mind- you cannot go in with something in mind! If you have something in particular you are looking for you will never find it and just end up being disappointed. Go in with an open mind and let the finds/treasures come to you. 

2. Look at every size-this is for clothing purposes obviously. I find if I look in just my size I am restricting myself from some really great pieces! I have found multiple flannels, sweaters, and dresses in a couple sizes too big. Sometimes they look better baggy, and other times a little sewing goes a long way!

3. Woodwork section-ahh quite possibly my favorite section in goodwill! It is filled with all sorts of shelves, boxes, and small furniture pieces. I always think of how I can update them in a really creative way! White spray paint can work wonders!

4. Glass ware-another great section! You can find everything from tea cups, dishes, candle sticks, jewelry displays, and more! Everything is so cheap and the diy possibilities are endless!

5. Knick knacks-this is where I find all the best treasures! All my little fawns, deer, bunnies, etc come from here! There is usually a huge variety to choose from and there is always something that catches my eyes!

6. Handbags-I am not huge on buying second hand bags but when I do I have a strict check list.
•1. Does it look clean? I check the inside and outside for any stains/less than ideal sights.
•2. Is it of good quality? Is it genuine leather, no rips, handles in good condition, etc. 
•3. Will I use it? Even if you find a cool vintage Louis Vouiston are you really going to put it to good use? I have made way too many mistakes with buying second hand designer bags that I have never used. Total waste of money, especially since they typically over price them anyway! 

7. Shoes-just no. Don't even touch them.

8. Frames-you can look in the frames or artwork section. Find a pretty frame but it has a weird picture/piece of art in it? No problem just paint over it, or take it out and just use the frame! Haha ;) you can hang them, or use them as a tray to display pretty things!

9. The "Boutique" section- I cannot stand this section! They choose the ugliest things and totally over price them! Stick to the regular stuff. I know it takes more patience but you will find way more things. Plus it's cheaper (obviously)!

10. When to go- its actually really important on what time you go. Find out when your store gets a new shipment so you can go on that morning. Don't ever go on the weekends, ever! And those 50% "sales" are a scam. I swear they put all the good stuff in the back so they can finally get rid of all their junk. I usually go mid week around mid afternoon. Seems to work for me, but it is different with every store. 

11. Fitting rooms-are mostly a pain. Wear something light so you can throw any cardigan, shirt, dress, etc over what you're wearing. It will save a lot of time and hassle! 

12. More things to avoid- earrings, beauty products, phone cases, lingerie...I think it's common sense but still, these are all very personal things that I want to know are 100% clean! 

13. Jewelry-I don't have much experience with jewelry. I only have a couple of thrifted pieces. I mainly stick to bracelets as you can really find some gems! Everything else is a little too overwhelming for me!

14. Books-it's a love hate relationship! Sometimes you can find the book you want brand new and it's great but most of the time they're really tattered. A quick tip is to look at the pages when the book is closed. If the pages are yellow or a little discolored I wouldn't get it. Also they smell most of time. I can't stand reading a smelly book. But again you can find some brand new, so just keep an eye out! 

15. Last thoughts-overall I absolutely love thrifting! It can be exhausting, and frustrating but most of the time it is really fun and rewarding! I love giving old pieces a second chance at life! :)

What are some of your tips? Were any of these tips helpful to you?! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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