22 February 2015

Weekend Routine | Nothing in Particular

Sunday's are great. Sleeping in, coffee, my dad making bacon, and the perfect combination of work and laziness. Last night was a late one as my brother, sister in law, and friend stayed till past 3 in the morning. I still somehow woke up today at 10! My plans for the day include taking blog photos, making some healthy protein balls, listening to music, eating good food, catching up on youtube videos, and maybe watching Boyhood with my parents. Again, Sunday's are great! 
{Smoothie bowl<just finished eating one of these.}
 {Etsy work<I'm having so much fun with my Etsy shop at the moment!}
 {How cute is this order?!}
 {Decorating my planner-New Video coming soon!}
 {Incoming from my dearest friend and pen pal Nastassja!}
{New print available in my Etsy shop!}

What did you get up to this weekend?!

*sorry my photos are so dull at the moment. my camera is not letting my change the settings so the lighting is always horrible.
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