17 July 2014

Room Decor Haul

Hello everyone!

Today I have a room decor haul! I am always redoing little bits of my room...I have a problem to be honest cause I can never stop moving stuff around! Someday though I promise I will do a room tour on my youtube channel :) Here are a few things I picked up recently from various thrift shops.

Floral Frame: Goodwill-$0.99

Ballerina Music Box: Goodwill-$1.99

Bunny Basket: Goodwill-$2.99

Floral Succulent: Local Vintage Shop-I don't know how much this was because my mom surprised me with it :)

Vintage Deer-again I don't how much these were. I was jumping for joy when my mom gave me these! It made my whole week ;)

And those are all the pretty little things I've recently picked up for my room!

Hope you all enjoyed!
Have a great rest of your week!



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