20 July 2014

Cape Cod | day 2

Hello my loves!

Today I have some more pics from my vacation on Cape Cod. Sorry if I've already shown some of these pics, it's hard to keep them in order! 

On this day we took a boat ride to what's called "long point". It's pretty much the very tip of Cape Cod. We had a picnic on the beach and hung around for about an hour and a half. It was so lovely! That night we took a Dune Tour and it was soo much fun! Our tour guide was so cool and reminded me of a mix of my dad and grandpa :) we had another picnic on the beach and watched the sun set while a bunch of seals kept popping their heads out of the water...I think they wanted some of our food ;) it was soo cute!! All in all it was such a great day! I think my favorite the whole time we were there! :)

Btw above is my brothers partner, my brother, my mom, and me :)




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