25 June 2016

Small Victories | Vol. 2

I did a post like this a while ago (here) where I shared some of the simpler victories in life that often get overlooked. I am always trying to look on the brighter side of things not matter what scenario/situation I might be going through. It's so easy to feel really stressed and depressed when things aren't going your way. Just remember that nothing is permanent and things will get better probably sooner than you think. Things always get worse before they get better, I am a huge believer in that! So if you're in need of a little reminder to take comfort in the smaller victories today then keep on reading. :)

  • When the book you want to buy is half off.
  • When somebody else already made the coffee.
  • Staying home all day while it rains outside.
  • When you're able to put your feet on the seat in front of you at the movies.
  • FastPass at Disney.
  • When it's hot outside but you don't freak out.
  • Washing your hair after working out.
  • Switching the calendar every month.
  • When your hair tie snaps and one of your girls has your back.
  • Prosecco after a long day. 
  • Drawing something you're actually proud of.
  • Brand new workout clothes.
  • Unpacking after a long trip.
  • Actually knowing how to take care of your plants.
  • Anytime Anthropologie has a sale.
  • Capturing the perfect Instagram.
  • Not caring how many followers you have on any social media.
  • Taking time off from the internet for longer periods of time.
  • Sleeping in a cold, dark room.
  • Spending time with genuine, kind-hearted people.

Keep on keeping on. 

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