16 March 2016

Small Victories

I'm a firm believer in celebrating even the smallest of victories. In a bad day, week, or season I take comfort in the little things and stay focused on everything that is going well. 

Here is a list of small victories that I think we can all agree feel really awesome and satisfying! 

  • Waking up fully rested.
  • Getting all your laundry washed, dried, and folded in one day.
  • The first song you play on shuffle on Spotify is exactly the one you wanted to listen to.
  • When your dog greets you when you get home.
  • Perfectly toasted toast.
  • When your shampoo and conditioner run out at the same time.
  • Finishing a book whether you loved or hated it.
  • Being ahead of schedule even if it's only by 5 minutes.
  • Finding an amazing new blog and going deep back in their archives. 
  •  Having more money in your bank account than you thought.
  • When your total at checkout is less than you thought.
  • The feeling after you shave your legs.
  • Finding jeans that actually fit your short, muscular legs (just me?).
  • Coming home after a long vacation/holiday.
  • When the line at the post office is short.
  • Smiling at strangers and being smiled back to.
  • Drivers who aren't assholes and let you merge into the right lane.
  • Seeing a family of deer.
  • Hitting over 10k steps on your fitbit and you still have half a day to go.
  • Losing weight without trying.
  • Not caring how much you weigh.
  • The feeling after a dramatic haircut. 
  • When Game of Thrones comes back on.
  • Coffee on Sunday morning.
  • When your eyeliner matches on both eyes.
  • Fining a natural deodorant that works.
  • Not getting sunburnt after being out all day.
  • Ticking everything off your to-do list.

I might make this a little series on my blog. Let me know you think! Also please share your small victories in the comments!<3

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