11 February 2016

Everyday Jewelry

It's been a while since I last shared my favorite jewelry pieces. I'm very picky and finicky about the jewelry I wear nowadays. I like my jewelry to be very simple and elegant, but still stand out against my outfits. Most of the time my jewelry is what brings all my looks together. 

I much prefer quality over quantity, so in the last months my jewelry collection has gone down quite a bit. Although I don't have any links to the pieces below I will share some of my favorite places where I get my jewelry from. 

Is probably my favorite place to get jewelry!! About 90% of my earrings come from here as they're really good quality and don't bother my ears. The style of their jewelry is my absolute fav! Everything just goes together so well. 

Also has a lot of really great pieces! Plus they also do really good sales pretty often so it doesn't always have to break the bank. 

Have the dreamiest jewelry ever! It's quite pricey unfortunately so I always wait for their sales. I am currently dying over this ring though! :)

Surprisingly enough, Loft has a really great selection of jewelry! I really love their rings and earrings. The quality is really great for the price! I've never had anything break or tarnish from there. 

And those are just a few of places I've been getting jewelry from lately. Also if anyone wants to tally up the amount of times I wrote "jewelry" please go ahead because I hate myself just as much as you do. lol ;).
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