12 February 2016

The Weekend Guide #7 +5 Things To Do This V-tine's Day

As it being Valentine's Day weekend and all I thought I would do something a little festive this week!

I don't have anything against Valentine's Day. I think it's sweet to see couples show their love and treat each other in special ways. I know it can be done on any day of the year, but nonetheless it still warms my heart to see my dad get my mom beautiful flowers year after year for the special date. 

I've created a list of ideas for things to do on Valentine's Day, whether you're single or not. I personally will be doing all these solo this year but I know a few couples that do these together all the time. It's a win-win for everyone!

I have recently been teaching myself how to cook my own meals! It's been a really fun learning experience and I'm always so proud of myself for not burning the house down! Cook for your family or significant other. Or even bake a batch of brownies and surprise your friends at their house!

I know, I know. You're thinking "but that's not very romantic", and maybe it isn't but hear me out. Have any old possessions that remind you of better or worse times? Things that take you way back and remind you of stories and pain you don't want to live through again? Get rid of them! I've been decluttering for a good few months and although I still have a while to go I can't tell you how much more freedom I feel! It really is so therapeutic! 

Duh! What's a weekend without a Lush bath? Turn on Iron & Wine, gather all your best facial/skin treatments, and maybe even shave your legs! You're not driving right?!

With or without the chill. hehe, sorry but I had to! ;) I've almost just finished the whole 9 seasons of The Office. I will be so sad when I finish but I've already got a few shows and movies lined up.
Here are a few of my recommendations for this Valentine's Day Sunday.

1. "The Comet"
2. "Anna Karenina"
3. "Jane Eyre"
4. "Pride and Prejudice"
5. "Moonrise Kingdom"

(you can really tell what my favorite type of movies are from this list ;)

Book Something Fun-
Having something to look forward can take the blow out of being single on Valentine's Day!
It doesn't have to be expensive either. Just something simple like scheduling a lunch date with a friend or a manicure could do the trick! I personally love going to our local state park. A good few hours walking in the woods always inspires me and helps me feel renewed. 

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