24 January 2016

Winter Things

*Warning. This is a whole lot of silly-ness.

The non-essential winter essentials. The extra bits that make a Florida girl feel fancy to use (long underwear? What the hell is that?). The perfect excuse to pretend for a day that you can pull off a bold berry lip with an oversized scarf to run to the grocery store. These are luxuries for me people! lol. 

Lip Balm & Lip Scrub:
I prefer my lips not to look white as snow with flaked skin. My method is ground-breaking guys. I buff a lip scrub from Lush into my lips and follow up with slathering a whole lot of EOS all over. I then proceed to go to bed, and then I wake up with soft, kissable lips. 

Hand Cream:
Because my hands are like the sahara desert all year round. If you're prone to eczema like I am I suggest something with no fragrance. There are a few good ones by Lush, but my current favorite is the almond oil one by L'occitane (yes, it has fragrance). Soap & Glory Hand Food is another good one!

With having to wear actual long sleeves most days I've found myself accessorizing with rings more! I'm much more of a ring girl in the first place so this isn't a problem for me. My favorite rings come from the likes of Free People, LOFT, and Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's. 

With my very pale complexion I need to give it life, and because bronzer looks very foreign on me I prefer to use highlighter. My go-to recently has been High Beam by Benefit. I like that it's a cream product so it's easy to blend and I can put it exactly where I want it without it looking too glittery.

The Tarte LipSurgence in "Legend" has been a great color for me this winter. It's not too much, but adds just the right amount of a wintery look without looking too out of place on me. 

I've been switching between the Elizabeth & James perfumes. I think I like the black one a bit more, but to be honest I think they're both amazing! Mixing them together also creates a very sophisticated winter-like scent. I'm going to have a hard time deciding which one to buy full size!

Black Booties:
I have like 3 or 4 pairs that I've been rotating through the whole season. If i had to be a shoe I would be a nice pair of black ankle booties, with a 3 inch heel, pointed toe, and maybe some zipper detailing. I'd be perfectly fine to never wear a pair of flip flops ever again. And I'm being completely serious. 

Thick Socks.
To peak out of the top of my boots because I have really skinny ankles and boots look really weird on me next to my bare skin. I've yet to find a pair of boots that don't make my ankles look like they're hula hooping. lol. 

This post was probably no help at all to most of you, but I really wanted a way to document the things I have been loving through this winter season! I hope you enjoyed it regardless. :)

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