27 January 2016

Winter Morning Routine

I'm really excited about today's post as I'm going to be sharing my morning routine with you all! 

I am by no means a "morning person" BUT that doesn't mean I don't love mornings. I love the fresh start and the thought of what the day may hold. My morning routine is really slow as I find I need the time to myself before I can be of any service to anyone else. Hopefully this post can inspire some of you to embrace mornings more. 
 I usually wake up any time between 9am-10am (perks of working from home). I use the app SleepCycle so it usually wakes me up when I'm at my lightest sleep. I turn off my alarm and then I check my emails. I know that's a bad habit but I never respond to any until I'm at my desk. I then proceed to check my shop's Instagram as I like to upload first thing in the morning. I might scroll through my feed a little and then I get out of my bed and proceed to make my bed. 
 I then head to the bathroom to do my morning skincare routine. I use some micellar water to cleanse my face and finish it off with Lush's "Breath of Fresh Air" facial toner. 
I then read my bible for a little bit. I used to only read it before bed but since I've made the switch to mornings I find I'm much more alert and able to digest more of the word (which is what we all need right?). Plus starting your day with the Lord is the very best way to start your day right. 
I then make myself some breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I usually either have a smoothie bowl like pictured below, or two blueberry waffles by Kashi. Of course no morning of mine is complete without coffee. I use almond milk and coconut sugar in mine.

After breakfast I write my to-do list. It usually revolves around how much Etsy work I have. I make sure to always write "ship" as I ship my orders from home so I need to make sure they get in the mailbox before our mail lady comes!
I then turn on my bluetooth speaker to blast some music to inspire me to get to work!
This is a very big part of my working routine. I don't think I could get half as much done without music (or podcasts!)! 

And that is my current morning routine! Nothing extraordinary or fancy but it works for me and I love it. Do let me know if you enjoyed this post! I've seen a couple of them and I really enjoyed them so I thought I would share my own! :) 
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