22 January 2016

The Weekend Guide #4

Friday is upon us once again!

This week went by really fast for me! Last weekend was quite a scary for me as on Saturday night 4 tornadoes touched down in my town at 3 in the morning. After a pretty scary night my brothers, a friend, and I went to see The Revenant on Sunday. It was stunning! Honestly, if you're a lover of beautiful videography this is a must see. Some parts are really hard to watch but the film is just too beautiful that you can get past it. It also has a wonderful message as well so it ticks off all the boxes on my list. 
1. Gallery wall progress. It's always a work in progress.
2. Shooting Stars bath bomb. I picked two of these up in the sale. Definitely on the agenda for Saturday ;).

3. My sweet Bailey. She's the cutest thing in my room!

Good Reads:

Watch This:

Some Tunes:

I also want to apologize as it seems my posts are temporarily not sharing on bloglovin for some reason. I'm trying to figure what the problem is. Hopefully bloglovin will get back to me and help me out! :) 

I also made a new twitter account! You can follow me here  if you'd like! ;) 

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DianaNoted said...
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DianaNoted said...

I love your wall! And your pillows!
-|D I A N A|

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