30 January 2016

The Weekend Guide #5

Happy Weekend, everyone!
Hope it treats you all well!

This post is up a day late because I had a job interview yesterday (which I've since changed my mind about), and then a busy day celebrating a birthday with my family! It was the perfect start to the weekend and I know it will only get better. 

Today I am working really hard on etsy work as I have been designing like crazy lately! I feel like I've finally found a creative"groove" that works for me. I just hope it lasts!

Tomorrow I am possibly going to go see "Hail Caesar" with my brother and a friend which should be really good as the previews look hilarious! Let me know what you get up to this weekend! :)

(Sorry these are all shop related photos. That's all I happened to take photos of this week.)

1. Planner pockets. I ordered myself a fancy Kikki K planner. It arrived on Monday and I am in love!
2. New greeting cards coming to my shop soon!
3. Working on some new dashboards!

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