06 January 2016

Winter Bedside Essentials

Winter has (in it's own way) arrived to Florida! It's not quite as cold as I'd like but I'll take it over 85 degrees any day. I realize that if Florida is experiencing cooler weather than surely most of the country must be freezing by now. So today I am bringing my winter bedside/night stand essentials.
Everything to keep you comfortable and cozy for the cold days ahead. Enjoy.

  • Lip balm. This goes without saying, but obviously you need to keep your lips moisturized. I for one can only wear lip balm when I sleep (can't stand the feeling throughout the day) so I need this handy right before I go to bed.
  • Hand cream. I have extremely dry hands all year round let alone in winter so I need this with me at all times. I especially love this one from L'occitane as it smells divine and provides an incredible amount of moisture without feeling too slippy.
  • Essential oils. I prefer them in roller form as I find it much easier to use. I have one in eucalyptus to help with any headache I feel that I have coming on. I apply this around my temples and wrists before I fall asleep and when I wake I feel much better! 
  • A Book. I'm currently reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. It's a very interesting read and so far I'm really enjoying it! Let me know if you have read it before! 
  • Glasses. So I can read the book without hindering my eye sight any further.
  • A journal. I write before bed every night, in multiple journals really. One for life, prayers, devotions, workouts, etc.  I really enjoy the 5 year Q&A journal for many reasons. It's really lighthearted but also shows how much I mature and grow throughout the years. 
And that's gonna be it for this post. Super short and simple but I hope you enjoyed it regardless. Tell me, what would you add to my list of bedside essentials? Any good book recommendations?! 

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