07 November 2015

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The 7th of November? Already? Not to sound like a mocking bird, but jeez time is going by fast! I have been busy with all sorts of good. Family dinners, celebrations, Christmas shopping, etc. My favorite time of year is here and I couldn't be happier! I am seizing everyday, and not taking a moment of this time for granted. It's a very easy time to feel lonely and lost, and the old me would feel just that. This year is different. I am surrounding myself with only the people I love and I am not tolerating anything less than just love. Why would anyone want anything less?

 {Catching up with my pen-pals. They are my best friends<3.}
 {I am not one to share selfies (especially with no makeup/hair done) but I wanted to share how happy I look. I can't imagine being any happier!}
 {Preparing my shop for Black Friday weekend! Very nervous, anxious, and excited! :) }
{Clean workspace! For once! ;) }

Weekend Plans:
  • Etsy stuff.
  • Film.
  • Clean.
  • Take some blog photos.
  • Target.
  • Hang with the siblings & friends.
  • Relax.
Weekend Tunes (bands/artists):
  • Hot Chip.
  • Arcade Fire.
  • Tennis.
  • Beach House.
  • Cut Copy.
Weekend Watch List:
  • That 70's Show (starting from season 1!)
  • Downton Abbey (finishing so I'm caught up).
  • Sherlock.
  • Nightcrawler (is it any good?).

I need more Netflix recommendations! I recently finished House of Cards and now I am lost! hehe ;).
I hope everyone is having a wonderful November! I know I am! :)

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charlotte carter said...

I can't believe we are in the first week of NOVEMBER!! Great pictures lovely!! x
a life of a charlotte

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