03 November 2015

Illustrated October Favorites

Saying goodbye to October is bittersweet. Sweet because the holiday season has officially begun, and bitter because the year is coming to a close reminding us how fast life is going by. I am very excited for whats to come, but more importantly I am excited for right now. Having goals is good and all, but to be perfectly happy with your current state right now regardless of your circumstances is truly a gift. I'm taking each day as it comes and trying my best to stay grounded in this fast paced world we live in. October was a beautiful month full of lots of growth for me. I'm sure November will be even more beautiful and full of more opportunities to learn and grow. Here's to cooler weather, family time, good food, new projects, and living in the right now.  

October Favorites:
  1. Burgundy purse from Old Navy. It's the perfect size and color for this time of year!
  2. Sweet potato fries and sriracha sauce. My current go-to snack!
  3. House of Cards. I finished the whole series in October! Definitely would recommend!
  4. Iron & Wine. I've been playing his music non-stop this month! I think Trapeze Swinger is one of my all time favorite songs!
  5. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee mug from Target because I'm your average coffee addict.   
I hope you all have a wonderful November. Please let me know of some of your favorites in the comments (especially your Netflix recommendations! I have nothing to watch :o). 

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