21 September 2015

Slow Monday's | Post Weekend Routine

*Warning. This post is a whole lot of nothing ;).*

Monday's aren't so bad for me because I choose to take Monday's off. I make time for myself in the beginning of the week so I can reassure myself of my goals and focus on what needs to be done.

 I also have dance on monday's which is probably my favorite hour of the week! If you didn't know I used to dance competitively for over 10 yrs! After slowing down due to an injury I have picked it back up and now I am more passionate about it than ever before! I know I'm not going to make a career out of it (personal choice) but it still inspires me and is my favorite way to escape my everyday routine. I can get lost in the music for hours!

Last week my teacher had me try aerial yoga (silks) for the first time and it was amazing!! I felt like I had been doing it my whole life. I didn't know something so foreign could feel so natural! I can definitely see myself get into it (obsessed;))!

 {Working the over splits! ;)}
 {Weekend treats!}
{Good thing I love my "job"<3.}

Other than that I have been very busy with the shop! I'm preparing for my seasonal releases and I also want to reformat everything so it all looks clean and coincides nicely together. It's very tedious work but it will be worth it!

I am so excited for fall!! I saw Florida is expected to get cooler than normal temperatures this winter and that makes me very happy! I truly believe I belong in the north ;).

Also I have been training for my first CrossFit competition! I'm so excited! I've never competed in anything but dance so I'm curious to see how I'll do! I am very passionate about CrossFit and what it can make your body do! I have always been considered weak growing up but now I am considered "strong for my size"! CrossFit has helped me overcome many battles both physically and mentally. I couldn't express how thankful I am for it! 

Ok that's enough rambling for now. I just felt like typing away. Thank you all for reading (if you've made it this far!)! I hope you all have a lovely week!<3
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