29 August 2015

Weekend Routine | Chillin Out Maxin

This week has turned out to be quite the stressful case. Thankfully everything is ok now, but due to it being less than ideal I am in need of some true chillin out (maxin relaxin all cool;)) time. I've put on Explosions In The Sky and I am ready for a weekend full of creating, laughing, spending time with family, and not listening to anything the hurricane center says (I live in south Florida fyi and they always blow these storms out of proportion ;)).

{My snuggle buddy. She's loves netfilx just as much as I do ;) ]
 {This weeks planner pages.}
 {Found this princess sleeping on my parents bed and I couldn't resist taking a *few* photos ;) }
 {I'm sorry but she's too precious!}
{Who else is excited about the new instagram update?!}

-Finish all outstanding orders
-Make a good autumn/winter playlist
-Clean (everything tbh)
-Hang out with my siblings
-Make time to be creative

-The Comet
-The Duchess
-The Switch
-If I Stay

-Parks and Rec (duh)

-Beach House>currently obsessed with their song "Norway"
-Explosions In The Sky
-Real Estate

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!<3

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