31 August 2015

Workspace Series | Workspace Reality

I think everyone has been guilty of having some expectations for their workspace. I know I can get trapped on Pinterest for hours looking for inspiration to make my workspace 'perfect'. Although there is nothing wrong with having goals and ideas to keep you desk Pinterest worthy the point of this post is to show that my space has to work for me and that sometimes means it doesn't look as glamorous as all the photos on your Instagram feed look.

 Here is a peak at my what my workspace looks like on a more daily occurrence when I am either busy with my shop, blog, or youtube channel :). 

 {The overview is quite cluttered. I work with a lot of supplies and I need them all handy.}
 {To the right I keep coffee, water, a to-do list, and quite a lot of writing utensils because I need options ;) } 
{To the left I have my silhouette for cutting stickers and any outstanding orders that need to be shipped!}
 {My Copics markers are never far ;) }
 {Probably the most aesthetically pleasing part of my workspace.} 
{All my planners and journals handy.}

I know it seems really cluttered and busy but that's how I have to work. There's no point in fighting for looks when it comes to making a productive space for you to create and work from. I hope this post is making sense. I would love for my desk to look all tidy and minimalistic but that's not realistic for me. Let me know what you think on this subject!

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