13 June 2015

Weekend Routine | Keeping Busy

Ah yes I am back in the zone. I very much look forward to writing these posts so I am ecstatic to be back this weekend. I still haven't perfected my schedule it but will do for now.  June has been very pleasant to me thus far and I am looking forward to what else it has in store for me. In the last couple of weeks my etsy shop has blown up! I know my shop is still very small in comparison to other shops but I couldn't be more proud of how far I've come! It is such a blessing (even when my printer/ink/silhouette gives me a hard time) to make, fill, and ship orders everyday! I can't quite explain what it means to me. I've always dreamed of designing my own stationery/having my own shop but never in a million years did I think it was actually possible for me! I am so thankful for each and every one of my sweet customers! I have made friends with so many of them and I am so happy that I can provide an extra smile in someones day with my products! Okay enough rambling. I drank too much coffee...again ;).
{New releases in my shop!}
 {Anthropologie knows how to do dressing rooms....I could move in!;) }
 {Birthday treats-Notebooks for me and a card for my mom.}
 {Artsy photo in the dressing room...lol}
 {My parents got me this sweet little bunny and a Anthropologie gift card for my birthday. They did well! ;) }
{I cut my hair off!!! again! lol. I am obsessed with it and have no regrets at all!}
 {Waiting while my mom got her hair done.}
 {The place where we get our hair done strictly uses Aveda products which is no problem to me. They all smell like a dream!} 
 {More dressing room selfies...can you tell my hair cut has boosted my confidence? heh ;) }
{Because I am complicated and don't like birthday cake (or ice cream, pie, cookies, etc) my parents got me these! I think I win ;) }

Weekend To-Do List:
-Etsy orders
-Celebrating my Grandma's 85th birthday with my whole fam bam.
-GoT finale!
-Catching up on cleaning and reading

Weekend Reading:

What are your plans for this lovely summer weekend?!

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