14 June 2015

June Playlist

As busy as I have been I am still always looking for new music to listen to. Music is the one thing I cannot go a day without. It helps me when I design, blog, work on orders, read, or just fold laundry. I think in another life I would have been some sort of musician. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gotten voice lessons when I was younger as I have a secret passion for singing (don't tell anyone!;)

Anywho I have added quite a few new additions to my spotify and wanted to share some recent discoveries and favorites with you all! 

#1-Keaton Henson. Where do I even begin?! There is so rarely a time that I come across an artist and experience love at first sight (sound)! The music he makes is absolutely beautifullll (think Explosions In The Sky) but he actually sings in some of his songs and holy craaap his voice is everything and more! I have been listening to his music while working on new designs, reading, and blogging. It's just the perfect music for creating to. It's inspiring, calming, beautiful, and just makes the creative juices pour out of me (listening to him right now as a matter of fact...may or not may have inspired this whole post!;))! 
Favorite Songs: "Petichor", "Healeah Dancing", "Josella", "Emissary", and well I don't think there's any I don't like! 

#2-Brandon Flowers' new album "The Desired Effect". I am a long time lover of The Killers so I will always have a special place for Brandon Flowers in my heart. His 1st album is a classic for me so I was more than ecstatic about his 2nd one coming out! This one is a little different than his last but in a good way. It's very funky compared to his last which i have been really enjoying. The whole album goes together very well and has been on repeat for me since it came out!
Favorite Songs: "Lonely Town", "Can't Deny My Love", "Between Me and You", "Untangled Love", and again pretty much the whole album. 

#3-Iwan Rheon. For all my GoT fans you will be delighted to know that Iwan Rheon plays Ramsay Snow and is in fact very talented when it comes to music. Although not all of his songs are to my taste there are a few I really dig! He has 4 albums all of which have good stuff in them! I'll be honest, I haven't been able to listen to everything yet so I am looking forward to checking more of his stuff out!
Favorite Songs: "Dinard", "Give", "Tongue Tied", "Intermission", "You Are In Me", and a few others I can't quite remember the names to (still a noob to his music :o). 

#4-Hippo Campus. I came across them by accident, I think. I don't know maybe they were on Conan or something. All I know is I really like their song "Bashful Creatures". It reminds of something I would have listened when I was younger (think high school aged...a whole 2+yrs ago whaaat?!). They have one album with 6 songs all of which are pretty good! I'm excited to see where they go!

And those are all of my recent music discoveries! I really enjoy sharing my music favorites with you all! I usually am that annoying person that keeps their music taste to themselves in worry that everybody is going to make my favorite bands too famous or something, but I don't know if I can make anyone's music experience that much better than it's worth it (not to say I have the best taste in music or anything, trust me I'm known to jam out to The Jonas Brothers every now and then) ;). What are some of your current music favorites? Do you know/listen to anyone I've mentioned in this post?! Let me know! I can talk about music for days!!!


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