25 April 2015

Weekend Routine | All Around Catch Up

KI'm not going to explain myself anymore for my lack of blogging. It's probably going to be normal. All I know is that I love sharing parts of my life with you guys and I love having my own little space on the internet. That being said I still have big plans for my blog (well not huge but just more fun stuff)! I have been so inspired by so many wonderful creatives lately that my mind is just oozing (great word choice, Abby) with ideas! I only hope that I can find the time to get all my ideas out! I need more hours in the day!

 {In other news I got my hair cut this week! It was way too long I couldn't bare it anymore! I absolutely love it now!}

{I haven't had much time take photos other than ones for my shop -_- but how cute are these blogging stickers?!}

Weekend Plans:
-work on orders
-drinking all the coffee
-attempting to take blog photos
-plan for the week
-board games with my siblings
-game of thrones

Weekend Reading:

Tell me in the comments one happy thing that happened to you this week! For me it was wearing lifters for the first time at CrossFit! It felt amazing!! :)

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