21 March 2015

Weekend Routine | Healthy Plans

Yippee it's Saturday! I am home alone for most of it as my parents are out of town for the day and my siblings are working. What does this mean?! That I will be working in the kitchen coming up with new healthy recipes to share over on TutusandPineapple. If you haven't yet checked out my second blog then you should! I already have 4 posts full of healthy/fitness ideas! I am having so much fun with it and can't wait to see what comes of that space! 

{Green Juice to keep me going-I am obsessed with this brand!}
 {I went to the fair the other night with my siblings-it was such a wonderful time! More pics coming soon!}

I've also been keeping busy with my Etsy shop. I am so humbled every time I get a order! Like someone actually wants to buy my stickers?! It's soo crazy! I am saving all the money I'm making to invest in a machine that will help cut and create better quality stickers for you all! I cannot wait!! :D
Don't forget about my current coupon code! It ends on Monday the 23rd!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! God bless you all!

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