25 March 2015

Through The iPhone

Hello Everyone! Sorry I've been quiet the past few days! On monday I went to Orlando for the day with my mom, brother, and sister in law. We went shopping at their outlet malls and it was soo much fun! We then took my brother to the airport as he starts work back in Massachusetts for the summer. All in all it was a lovely day. And then yesterday I had a lot of etsy work to catch up on as well as errands, and crossfit. But today I am back and I have an instagram/iPhone catch you for you all! :) 

 pre interview selfie//some art work//fair night with siblings//planner set up
 Easter goodies//the cutest bunny//some cards from my shop//quinoa salad
 Lush treat//dressing table//the other cutest bunny//tutu stickers from my shop
 daily stuff//orders going out//car rides//bedside
work top//more stickers//crossfit stuff//more stickers

What's new with you guys?! I want to know!! Let's chat in the comments! :)
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