19 March 2015

This week I loved...#7

The Weekend is near and my plans are to catch up on some reading, cleaning, planning, and brainstorming. I have been in a creative mood all week and it is almost overwhelming. I hope this lasts until I can get all my ideas on paper! :) This weeks recommended reading is coming a little early but as no surprise they're all still amazing! Bookmark all of these posts for your lazy Sunday morning! ;)

-Gh0st Parties//Paris in Pictures.
-The Private Life Of A Girl//19 Ways To Stay Inspired.
-Oana Befort//Life Lately.
-The Clothes Horse//Outfit: Spring Fling.

I also am having a sale over on my Etsy shop to celebrate 50 sales! Now through monday the 23rd you can get 15% off any order with the coupon code "THANKYOUSALE"! 


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