10 March 2015

My blogging/Vlogging Mistakes

It seems as everyone is all about posting they're top tips/advice/rules for bloggers nowadays and although it's nice to have so many resources, sometimes it gets really overwhelming and you can't quite figure out what works for you! I for one know I read too many blogging tips posts  and sometimes it makes me feel so inadequate if anything. I think it's a smart idea for bloggers to point out their flaws and mistakes to share that even the biggest most successful bloggers still aren't perfect. Today I am sharing some of my blogging/vlogging flaws that I am still yet to perfect.

Spell check- not so much for actual spelling but for flow of words. I am not the best at piecing words together and sometimes I write a little too fast and even leave some words out! Doh. I am always looking back at posts with missing words. How does this keep happening?! Haha. 

Adding annotations at the end of my videos- I have an end card for my videos to link back to my most recent video and I never actually add the link. I'm way too lazy, haha. 

Taking thumbnails- it's so easy! but I still end up having to take a weird/action screen shot from the video. I look crazy in most of my thumbnails. 

Lighting- for both my photos and videos. It's so hard in my room as I have a really small window. Even at the brightest hour the lighting still looks dull. 

Twitter- I am crap at it! The only tweets I have are mainly ones from bloglovin when a new post goes up. It probably looks so spammy. 

Twitter chats- I have never taken part in one. I can never remember, and then when I do I feel like I would just to be too awkward to join. 

Commenting on other blogs- I have gotten much better at this but there's still room for improvement. I especially find if the blogger is more well known that my comment would be pointless. It's still not a good excuse! I'm sure everyone appreciates every single comment just like me!

And those are just a few of my blogging flaws. That felt good to write down...almost therapeutic in a way, haha. What are your blogging (or vlogging) flaws/mistakes?!


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