14 March 2015


If you saw my instagram post from yesterday than you probably know where this is going. If not then here is what I said.

Alright I'm going to be brutally honest here. I am not enjoying YouTube anymore, nor am I enjoying my blog. YouTube is so over saturated with the same content over and over that it just wouldn't be fair for me to continue. It's not fair to myself for putting all the hard work in, nor is it fair to you guys who can find way better, higher quality versions of my videos from more talented creators. As for my blog I am not interested in posting about beauty, fashion, and what I bought recently anymore. I am not inspired by that content. I don't read many beauty blogs and I don't enjoy writing about beauty. I once did but not anymore. I am not confident to do more fashion posts and I'm sick of "hauls". Just my personal preference. I feel like my blog and YouTube channel are distracting me from what's really important and what my true passions are. I am trying to go to school to become a herbalist nutritionist so I can learn and share my passion for health to others. I would love to help others overcome eating disorders as I grew up in the dance world and know how hard it can be. I want share how amazing our bodies are and what they're capable of doing if you treat them like a temple! I want to glorify my Lord's name in all I do and I don't think that is in beauty/fashion vlogging/blogging for me anymore. I don't quite know the next step but I want to relaunch TutusandPineapple.blogspot.com. TutusandPearls is still my baby and will always will be. I've met so many amazing people and some of my dearest friends! I hope you all understand. I might rebrand my channel and just post vlogs, what I eat in a day, etc. I am open for suggestions though as I am really feeling lost! Thank you for all your love and support as it truly means the world to me and I can't express enough gratitude for you all! 💕 here's to the next chapter!☺️

After sleeping on it I've decided to take a break from YouTube but continue to post on TutusandPearls.blogspot.com because I love this space! It is my baby and I am very proud of it. Yes I find it hard to post about beauty not because I don't like beauty or makeup anymore but because I feel like I am not qualified to share advice on a subject that is only a hobby for me. I'm not saying I won't ever post about beauty again (I have a couple beauty posts already photographed) but I think I might post more diy's, room decor, lifestyle, etc. I also have about 4 videos on my laptop pre filmed and I don't know whether to post them or not. YouTube has  become very frustrating for me lately as I believe people aren't doing it for the right reasons anymore. As I said I might totally rebrand it and only post vlogs, and health/fitness videos. I am working on relaunching TutusandPineapple.blogspot.com. I've given it a makeover and deleted all the old content ready for newer, fancier posts! I am so excited for this space and hope you guys will follow me as I post more regularly over there. I don't have a schedule figured out yet but it might be everyday other day on each blog. It will be trial and error but I'll figure it out. Sorry this post is one huge ramble! I really just needed to write this for myself if anything.

Again Thank You all for your love and support! You are all so special to me and I don't know what I would be doing without this little corner of the internet. :)

Bunches of love!

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