15 March 2015

Weekend Routine | Have Courage, Be Kind

Sweet Sunday mornings I do love thee. As I sit here in the comfort of my home sipping on coffee in front of my window as the sun shines through I can't help but feel overjoyed in this very simple moment. And the fact that I have such an amazing and encouraging readership of my own is so, soo humbling! I'm not even a big blogger and I feel so accomplished! I can't even fathom what bigger bloggers feel like! So I just want to thank each and every one of my readers, whether new or old, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and kindness!

If you could have guessed I did in fact see Cinderella last night with my parents. Cinderella was my absolute favorite film growing up! I watched it everyday for years! So to say that when I found out Lily James, and Richard Madden were going to be retelling the story and brining it back to life I was a little more than excited (I squealed at the thought of seeing Richard in something other then GofT)! The film was so beautifully put together and from the very beginning you felt as if you were on an adventure. Lily was stunning (as per usual), and Richard was just, you know flawless (in every way possible!)! Amongst all the little girls in the theatre there was a good bunch of older people as well. There was actually a really cute old man sitting next to me and every time he would laugh or smile my heart would burst, it was so sweet. This movie has such an amazing message to girls as well. "Have Courage, Be Kind" such simple words but yet they have stuck with me. All through the night I thought on those words. I want to be as kind as I can be and bring love and joy to others in anyway I can! I want to be the salt and light in this very dark world. I hope I am doing a good job. 

 {some recent "treat yo-self" purchases}
 {smoothie bowls that resemble bird seed}

Phew, I didn't know I had so much to write. I didn't even get everything out. I am just full of inspiration right now and it is a little overwhelming to say the least! hehe. Hope you all have a lovely week! 

Have Courage, Be Kind.<3

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