18 February 2015

When your Bloglovin feed is a bit too much.

Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed in the blogging community. There are so many voices (both good and bad), opinions, niches, preferences, etc. and I think it has taken a toll on my  blogging. I've decided to really cut down the amount of content I read, and cut my bloglovin feed down considerably. If you are ever feeling like there are too many voices (either positive or negative)/think you've lost your own voice in blogging, fret not for I am sharing a few of my tips today.

Purge your feed-this may sound harsh but it is really effective! If you're like me and you love to support lots of bloggers than your feed is probably full of content you don't even care about/are never clicking on. Not only is this hard for you to find the content you do love reading, but it is also hurting the bloggers you are following by not being a loyal subscriber to everyone. It's better to follow 10 blogs and be involved in their community than to follow 100 blogs and never comment on anyone's blog due to being overwhelmed. I've found after purging my feed I am able to comment more often and really build better relationships with other bloggers. 

Do you read it?-if you never actually read someone's blog and just look at the pictures then you should probably unfollow. I found I was only following blogs based on their photos and not their writing. Although I am a sucker for good photography if they don't have a way with words I am put off. It just adds more unnecessary noise to your feed. Keep Pinterest for pretty photo browsing ;).

Sponsored content-I have nothing against a sponsored post every now and then but there comes a point when enough is enough. I was following blogs where all they were posting was sponsored content. I felt that they weren't able to be completely honest if all they were posting was sponsored post after sponsored post. Odds are you can't love everything all these company's are sending you. I draw a line if I cannot trust a bloggers opinion to be 100% honest (Same goes with YouTubers). Again I don't mean to bash bloggers who do sponsored posts(I know there are bills to pay) but I still need honesty ya know?!

Do they inspire you?- something important to me is what a blogger can offer me. Whether it's good writing, inspirations, a free ebook, photography/blogging advice, etc. I am a huge learner! I am always trying to take in as much information as possible! If a blogger can teach me something/inspire me then that is a big winner in my book. If a blogger posts review after review (sponsored posts), hauls, or posts just for the sake of it then what am I getting out of it? Probably just an empty wallet. Not what I need in my life right now. I am always thinking of what I can offer my readers and I hope that comes across! I want to at least make people smile with my posts! 

And those are a few of my tips for dealing with an overwhelming bloglovin feed. Again I do not mean to talk badly of any blogger. We're all equal in the end. The quote "Good for her, not for me" is one of my mottos. I mainly just needed to write this for myself. I hope I can now focus on my own way of blogging and not let other bloggers discourage/distract from my own style. I hope you all understand! 

What are your thoughts on this topic? 


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