19 February 2015

Through The iPhone

Having one of those days where I have a billion and half other things to do and probably shouldn't be blogging, but here I am. It's only an Instagram catch up, but these are some of my favorite posts to read so hopefully you like reading them too?! Anyway I really need to get going. I have family coming into town today and have a bunch of errands to run+I've got some etsy work to do! :) Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

(These are both from my personal, and themed accounts)
 Coffee on a chilly morning//Valentine goodies from my sweet parents//Work days
 I take too many pictures of this book//New prints available in my Etsy shop //Pastel details
Birds eye view of my night stand//Air dyne work with my Crossfit family//Etsy order

What is a highlight of your week so far?! Mine has been Crossfit. I get more addicted each day! :)

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