15 February 2015

Weekend Routine | Valentine's

Well here I am, another Valentine's has passed and I'm still alive and well. Confession, I have never had a boyfriend or been in a serious relationship. Why may you ask? Because nobody has swept me off my feet. Sure I've had crushes and very close relationships with guys (I don't have many girlfriends, my brothers call me a woman hater. hah.) But I don't know, I don't want to waste time with just any guy. I want a real, raw, and wholesome relationship. I don't need another "half", I want someone to challenge me, bring out the best in me, and love me despite my flaws (for I have many.). I am in no rush, nor am I completely not looking for a relationship. I'm trusting that God will provide the right man for me at the right time. Who knows I might already know him! All I'm trying to get at here is it's okay to be alone, you need to be alone. You need to learn, grow, and love yourself first before you tie yourself to someone else. The saying "Run as fast as you can towards God, and if someone keeps up introduce yourself" is one of my favorite! Until then I'm going to keep running! Sorry I didn't mean for this to become a ramble, it was just something in my heart. :)

 {Clean sheets, ahh!}
 {My parents will always be my Valentines<3}
 Story Time-When I was 3 years old on Valentines Day my dad had got my older sister and mom flowers, well when I saw them I asked "Where's mine?!" and he had to go back out to get me some, and then they were sold out of all the roses and only had an expansive bouquet...well he still got me them! That was my first Valentine's experience and is still my favorite<3.
{Planner pages}
{Teavana and my #20beautifulwoman post}

Sorry this weekend routine was a little different. I like to switch things up a little.
What did you do this weekend?1 Did you have a Valentine? ;)
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