20 February 2015

Small, yet effective details for your room

I love decorating my room. It's one of my favorite hobbies! I'm constantly changing/moving things around, and as soon as I get bored I change it again. I have always thought about being an interior decorator, but for now I just stick to my room. I like DIY's, recycling old stuff, and thrifting for my room. I don't have a lot of money to constantly blow on the latest marble/copper trends (one day) but for now I work with what I've got. Today I am sharing some simple and affordable details to spruce up your room!

Washi tape-that's right, somehow I included my absolute favorite craft supply in this post! Washi tape is so fun to use. I use it to hang pictures/illustrations, create wall art with it, and update any decor pieces. I have created 2 videos showing some of the things I like use washi tape for. I am always thinking of ways to use washi tape! I may need to go to washi tape rehab, haha. ;)

Books-everyone has books right? I like to display some of my favorite/prettiest books. They add lots of charm and character. 

Plants-duh. Succulents/cacti are all the rage right now and I can totally see why! They are so cute and add such a nice bright touch to any space! 

Vintage tea cups-you can get these for really cheap at goodwill! I have so many pretty floral ones! They are so delicate and feminine, one of my favorite pieces to work with. 
Fake flowers-they are so cheap and look stunning! I love to get mine from Michael's, Ikea, and even Walmart has a good selection! 

Fairy lights-there has never been a time that my room hasn't had fairy lights! I much prefer them to any other source of light. They add a really cozy and ambient vibe. 

Prints/illustrations-whether they are some of my own work, or something I've printed off the internet. I also love using Instagram pictures!
Any pretty beauty products/perfumes-don't let their prettiness go to waste in your drawers! Put them on display(but keep your perfumes out of the sun!) I have a weakness for beautiful packaging and I always think of ways I can incorporate into my room.

And those are just a few ideas/tips to update your space for a low cost! Let me know if you have any further tips/suggestions in the comments!


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