12 January 2015

Favorite Apps

I recently uploaded an What's on my iPhone so I thought I would follow up with some of my favorite apps of the moment! :)
 Spotify// My go to for music! I have been obsessed with Cold Play's newest album!

 Instagram//My favorite social media platform! Follow me here!

Sell on Etsy//A must if you have an etsy shop! It makes it really easy to stay in contact with your customers and lets you know right away when you've made a sale!
 Afterlight//My absolute favorite app for editing! It's the only thing I use. (it costs 0.99 and is the only app I have paid for).
 Bloglovin//If you don't have bloglovin then I don't know what you're doing! It's best the app for following all your favorite blogs in one beautiful streamlined feed! :)
 Dots//I'm not really into the games but this one is soo addictive! Pretty much all you have to do is try to get the dots to make as many squares as possible.
 Charades//Is a rip off of "Head's Up". It's so much fun to play with my siblings! :)
 Duolingo//I have been using this to learn french and it is actually quite good! I've tried learning french many times before and have given up but this has really got me learning and remembering better than anything else I've tried!
 Time Hop//Is time traveling through all your social media. Makes me cringe everyday. I wish it could connect with MySpace!!

And those are all my favorite apps atm! Let me know below of some of yours, or if I am missing anything ;)

Also I edited these photos with Photoshop (I usually use Light Room). Yay or Nay??

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