11 January 2015

Weekend Routine | Getting it Together

This weekend's plans were to have a good tidy up, plan ahead for the month, and catch up on tedious tasks (such clean sheets, back macbook and iphone up, etc.) But I did have a good bit of fun too! What did you do this weekend?! :)
 Nothing better than clean sheets and freshly shaven legs! ;)
 I got this tiny "lamp" (book light) at the dollar store and this giant paper clip from the Target dollar section! They look so cute/ironic together! They will look really good on my new desk (which is in the works!! ;)
 I released some new sticker designs this weekend in my etsy shop! They all relate to Valentines Day but I am thinking of some more designs to come out soon! My Etsy Shop "Oh So Fawn".
 Target dollar section is killing it as per usual! I just adore these heart lights!
If you watched my After Christmas Sales Haul then you would have seen that I got this gift set in the sale! It's the "First Snow" gift set and I am so excited to try all these new products! Is there anything in this set that you would like me to review?! I want to do a LUSH favorites post sometime in the near future! :)
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