15 October 2014

Recent Reads

One of my favorite ways of passing time is definitely reading! I love getting lost into a good book with a cup of coffee (cliche' i know). My favorite types of books are usually mysteries or adventures. Here are some of the books I've recently read along my thoughts on them. :)

1. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. If you're in the blogging world then you are very aware of who Elsie and Emma are from ABM. This is their photography book and it is amazing! Whenever I feel un-inspired I just open this book and it's like instant inspiration! :) Rate 9/10. 

2. A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie books are my absolute fav.! She can do no wrong in my opinion. This is actually the book I'm currently reading right now. I'm about half way through so far and I'm loving it! Very intriguing ;) Rate 9/10 (so far)

3. Agatha Christie Dumb Witness. This one was another good one! The ending was really unexpected for me! Rate 8/10

4. The Selection Stories-The Prince and the Guard by Kiera Cass. First of all the Selection series by Kiera Cass is without a doubt my favorite book series of all time! I like it even more than the Hunger Games! And so when I saw this book came out I knew I wanted to get it regardless. It's through the eyes of 2 other characters in the book. It was really interesting and I managed to read it in a day so theres that ;) hehe. Rate 9/10

And those are just a few of the books I've read recently. Usually when I'm reading a book that I don't like I try not to force myself to finish it. I used to have a problem in the past with wanting to finish every book I read but I found that with that method I really wasn't reading as much as I wanted because, well I wasn't interested in the book! So my advice for getting into reading more is only reading books you enjoy or interest you! Nothing is worse than feeling tied down to a book! (well actually a lot of things are worse but ya get my drift ;)



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