18 October 2014

My Favorite Autumn Boot(ies)

Shoes have always been my biggest weakness but the one thing worse than shoes for me is boots! I have so many more pairs of boots than anything and I freakin live in Florida, haha. I just love having a variety when it comes to boots as it can make the biggest difference in your fall/winter wardrobe. I have combat boots, short booties, heeled boots, timberland style boots, riding boots, etc. But the one pair I didn't have and needed to get pronto was a pair of black short booties! I have grey and tan ones but I didn't have any black ones. I know, i know, you may be asking "why?" and well I don't know!! It seriously took me so long to figure it out! anyway I went over to Target (as you do) and had a little look and voila I found them!

They're a suede finish with a short little heel and they look so good on! I have very tiny ankles so it's hard to find boots that don't look like my ankles are hula hooping in them (?). They were $29.99 which is pretty good as they are very nice quality and will last me a while. I already have gotten so much use out of these and its not even cold out yet, hehe ;).

Let me know of your favorite style boots below! 




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