31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Not my usual blogpost for a Friday but I really want to write. This is also coming from my phone as I just can't be bothered to sit at my desk, haha. Sometimes it's okay to be a little more casual right?! Besides its Halloween so anything goes ;). I just wanted to do a little update/festive post!

I'm not doing anything special for Halloween. I've been invited to a party but I'm too scared to go...we will see, haha. My family has never been big on Halloween so it's never been a big deal. When I was younger though we would always be in Disney World for halloween which was always soooo much fun and some of my fondest memories! Actually last year we went around Halloween time! It was just when I first started blogging too and I love looking back on those posts :). I actually am going to the mall with my mom today and I think I'm gonna start my Christmas shopping! I hate leaving everything till the last minute and plus it's better to spread it all out so I'm not spending one pay check all at once! November is going to be such a great month I can feel it! My brother is coming back home from MA for 10 days, Thanksgiving, a surprise party for my dads 65th birthday, and of course getting ready for the holidays! I really couldn't be more happy/excited! I have lots of videos and blogposts planned as well so keep an eye out ;). This whole week I've been pretty busy with my Etsy shop! I have gotten quite a few orders recently and I am honestly so thankful/shocked! I had no idea this was even going to work but people have actually ordered from me and I am so excited! I know it's hard work and it will be slow at first but I'm very inspired/motivated to stick with it! I've recently released some clip art and I have new designs coming out VERY soon! Let me know what you think/if you have any design suggestions! 

This post turned into a ramble but I just really felt like writing. Hope that's okay! 

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!




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