27 October 2014

Favorite Fall/Autumn Activities



With the end of October fast approaching and the winter months right around the corner I am no where near ready to say good bye to fall! For me it seems Fall always comes and goes the quickest which really is a shame as it is the most beautiful season! And so in November I plan to do as many fall festivities as I can! October was pretty successful but I think November will be even better! ;)

These pictures were from a Pumpkin Festival my parents and I went to over the weekend!

Other Things I love doing in the Fall/Autumn

1. Pumpkin Patch. (done)
2. Hayerides. (done)
3. Corn Maze. (done)
4. Bonfires.
5. Movie nights.
6. Long Walks.
7. Baking.
8. Drinking coffee. (done everyday, duh;)
9. Decorating. (done...a long time ago:)
10. Having the house completely open and the fresh air going throughout the house! (done)
11. Reading, all day even. (done)

Let me know of your favorite Fall activities below!




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