26 August 2014

My Purse/Bag Essentials :)

When it comes to the stuff I carry in my bag I'm really not one to care too much, but on a day I know I'm going to be out for long time I like to be prepared. I'm not Mary Poppins or anything but I thought I would share my essentials anyway :)

1. Wallet (that is if I have any money, haha)
2. Portable Phone charger! (especially on a long day!)
3. The Lip color I'm wearing that day. (even though I hardly ever re-apply ;)
4. Compact Mirror. (or if your like me and you just use your phone)
5. Hand Sanitizer! (duh!)
6. Notebook and pen for any crazy ideas on the go! (ya know?) 
7. Sunglasses. (which are hardly even worn)
8. My Phone.

haha well that was interesting...maybe they aren't so essential?? ;) hehe. But in all seriousness I do tend to carry all these things with me on a regular basis whether I need them or not.

Let me know of some of your bag/purse essentials below because as you can see mine aren't that great ;)



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