31 August 2014

Life through my iPhone #6

It's time for another "life through my iPhone". These are my favorite type of posts to read and post as I am nosey and like to know what people do with their lives ;)
A beautiful letter from my friend Nastassja! look at that pop-up card! so amazing :)

A picture from my Instagram. I actually haven't been wearing much makeup all month ;)

I've been drinking a lottttt of green smoothies! I cannot get enough!

I've been really obsessed with EOS lately. I used to not reach for these that often but now i use them everyday :)

Another smoothie. Also I made Bliss Balls this past week for a pre/post work out snack. They are really good and give me all the energy I need for my work out!

My parents have a really cute decorated bathroom. This is a view from the bathtub.

With some really extreme CrossFit workouts lately a LUSH  bath was a must ;)

Some beautiful flowers at a Fresh Market store :)

Trying Aloe Juice for the first time! omg its sooo good!

I love eating pretty food! <3

And that's about it! last night I went bowling with my siblings and we're going again tonight! I got 4 strikes last night (kinda a big deal for me;)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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